Haiku Special from the 3rd Japna – Russia Haiku Contest (5)


The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry『詩の国秋田第6号』, whose 6th volume is posted as an e-pamphlet, features haiku special from the English haiku submitted to the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2014.

A great number of haiku fans willingly sent their haiku in English to the contest from 46 countries including Japan.

They compose haiku, the shortest form of poetry of three lines, catching the haiku moment through their observation or insight.

They write haiku, seeking for “pure present”, which might express “the eternal now.”

We sincerely hope that haiku will be shared with each other, which helps us realize the pleasure of writing haiku again. 

We also hope that haiku could deepen mutual understanding and enjoyment of different cultures between those people who read or compose the poem, helping make the world peaceful.


Haiku Special


Oba Jiro (Japan)



memory of a city

lost in ancient times



Doi Ikuko (Japan)


cherry blossoms –

my daughter named




Fujii Keiko (Japan)



early summer special

bamboo chopsticks



Hayashi Yuji(Japan)


Whirligig beetles

skitter across the water

raising few ripples.



Hirakita Hajime (Japan)


cherry blossoms

no sound from seagulls

as the ship leaves port



Hirota Yuko(Japan)


lots to tell

to his mortuary tablet

short night



Kurono Yasuko(Japan)


Your justice

shoots upright,

toward the skies like a hollyhock.     



Matsui Maki (Japan)


Time is a bystander

innocent eyes

beyond ancient spring



Nozaki Atsuko (Japan)



deepens and thickens

as rice grows



Takagi Shigeko (Japan)


if it rains

snapdragons will yawn and swim

on my veranda



Yamada Junko (Japan)


Can I see

the harvest moon?

“tomorrow never comes”



Yamada Yukiko(Japan)


snow cloud ―

freshly vermilion-lacquered

shrine gate



Yamamoto Namiko(Japan)


climbing roses —

the tuner torments

a piano



Bendoraitiene Goda V.(Lithuania)


short conference break –

my son introduces his beloved

by budding cherry



Pere Risteski(Macedonia)


оn one side

the stars, on other you –

every midnight



Nergui Tuvshinzaya(Mongolia)


first fly,

beautiful with its wings




Janjalija Damir(Montenegro)


an empty room

filled by the rosary’s sound…

solstice night



Vojinović-Jegdić Branka(Montenegro)



on an old house

a given up door



Ram Sharan Maharjan(Nepal)


Cover the mist

 Good passion in them

Cheerful face.



Beverland Margaret(New Zealand)


a walk in the park

an Idesia leaf falls

into the rustling


Clarkson Steven(New Zealand)


Motien Pass

in the hoof prints

a flower


Ernest J Berry(New Zealand)


matsuo basho

at the foot of mount fuji

a bamboo sandal



Hollier Ruddy Anne(New Zealand)


velvet cup

ready to burst

into magnolia



Simpson Sandra(New Zealand)


thunder-filled heat –

a family of mice dart

in front of the scythe



Strang Barbara(New Zealand)


longest day…

an ice cube snaps

in his glass



Marion Clarke(Northern Irish)


silence falls

on the communal garden

solar eclipse



Antonio Billy(Philippines)


moonson rains

paper boats race

down the rill



Bongcaron Wilfredo (Philippines)


haiku ground

my pen pursues

Basho’s shadow



de Vera Reynaldo Jr.(Philippines)


the sea

whitened the moon

turned golden-gray



Santiago Ernesto P.(Philippines)


midnight writing

the moon and I

somewhat muted



Kania Robert(Poland)


young leaves –

an old couple

in the shade



Małgorzata Miksiewicz (Poland)


sea –

wave after wave

turning pages in a book



Margolak Jacek(POLAND)


rustle of wings…

her blind son

spreads his arms



Szewczyk Irena(Poland)


in my dream

my father in the meadow

mown grass



We are now holding the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest.

Readers are invited to send haiku about “lake” to Hidenori Hiruta at the Akita

International Haiku Network by e-mail to (shhiruta@nifty.com).  


By Hidenori Hiruta





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