World Haiku Series 2019 (6) Haiku by Alexandra Ivoylova

World Haiku Series 2019 (6)

Haiku by Alexandra Ivoylova


a cool morning

the sound

of swelling clouds





a white butterfly

soars above the grass

a song of silence






a birthday

at the doorstep

a rose petal






a long kiss

grasses blurring

the sun





a night train

cities in the distance –

nameless constellations



遠くの都市 ―



birds are singing

in the wood of deads

a distant bell tolling






the tea is getting colder

someone has left

my heart





the old school

a light gleam

from another time





it is quiet

in the room –

I hear someone’s absence


部屋が静かになった ―




a white sky, a white land –

a pristine world


白い空、白い土地 ―



Translated by Hidenori Hiruta



ALEXANDRA IVOYLOVA is graduated at National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia, class piano. She has specialized in Paris. Studied chamber-singing – as a mezzo-soprano she has issued the compact disk “Baroque arias and songs” (2011, with the pianist D. Andonova).


Alexandra Ivoylova has taken part in exhibitions, has illustrated pages in the literature press.


She publishes essays, fragments, poetry (including poetry for children), literal, art and musical critique, creative portraits. She has issued nine books – poetry, haiku, maxims, haibuns, poetic dialogues, as well as “The entity of Botev’s speech” – analyses.


She is the compiler and editor of the Bulgarian-French bilingual anthology “The town” − 103 Bulgarian, French and Francophone poets.


A. Ivoylova is a member of the Bulgarian PEN-Center, Union of Bulgarian Journalists, Bulgarian Haiku Union, World Haiku Association, “Europoesie” etc. She is also member of editorial staff of the Bulgarian magazine “Haiku World”.


Here are four photos presented by Ms. Alexandra Ivoylova, which will inspire you to write haiku.

Please feel free to write your haiku in the comment column.


2 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2019 (6) Haiku by Alexandra Ivoylova

  1. I love train haiku!

    a night train
    cities in the distance –
    nameless constellations

    Alexandra Ivoylova

    I like how I can read ‘cities’ as an unusual verb! And it’s so true, having taken night trains across mainland Europe, and England to Scotland etc…

    warm regards,
    Alan Summers
    Call of the Page

  2. In response to one of your wonderful photograph prompts!

    cabbage butterflies–
    a man with an umbrella
    when there’s no rain

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Under the Basho (‘hokku’ verse, Autumn Issue 2013)

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