World Haiku Series 2022 (48) Haiku by Jessica Allyson (Canada)

Haiku by Jessica Allyson

old film

tree shadows flicker

at train’s speed

trees in bloom

traditional clothes

with modern shoes


women run to cars

in the rain

change in plans:

birds tossed around

by spring gusts


flits through the window

at my desk

red alert

abandoned apple trees

still bear fruit

smooth pebbles

old walking shoes

wearing thin

ginkgo harvest

bicycle baskets

filled with leaves

spring cleaning

the trees shake off 

their deadwood


the black squirrel

drops its spoon


Jessica Allyson (pen name) is based in Ottawa, Canada.

Jessica has been actively writing and studying haiku for the past year and approaches the genre with a beginner’s mind.

A member of Haiku Canada, Jessica’s work has been featured in “Stratified Layers” (Haiku Canada’s Members’ Anthology), the October 2022 issue of Haiku Canada Review, and several issues of the Asahi Haikuist Network column.

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