World Haiku Series 2022 (47) Haiku by Isabella Kramer (Germany)

Haiku by Isabella Kramer

nearly white swan—
the promise to myself
to be grown-up tomorrow

snow on autumn leaves
the way to the cemetery
is longer today

glitter trail
a falling star
in a honey drop

forest solitude
my skin the tongue of rain

mountain silence
a flock of wild geese
draws lines

frosty night—

what do wild geese
talk about

the dark side 
put under lock and key
November moon

don’t pay for rats
autumn deepening
inside out


the exhaustion

in the nurse’s eyes

all about autumn

the irresistible wish to touch

a horse-chestnut cheek


Isabella Kramer is a passionate Poet, Author, Commercial Photographer, and Painter.

She published her first book “weniger bis meer”, with German poems “weniger bis meer”, and also contributed to several anthologies, cherita books, E-Chap book  “green dawn”,  WORLD HAIKU SERIES 2020, 2021 and several haiku journals, haiku podcast and calendars.

and on Twitter
book on: – weniger bis meer – veredit-iertes

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